Shecom is a company that incubates and invests in internet and technology companies that focus on the women's beauty and lifestyle. Our goal is to build market-leading companies that cater to the growing "sheconomy", targeting the female consumer market.

What we do?


We leverage proprietary processes to build market-leading companies from scratch. Find out more about our portfolio of companies.


Our extensive operational support team accelerates the growth of ventures we partner with. Become part of a dynamic and innovative scaling process.

Our Approach

We focus on building market-leading businesses in the women's beauty and lifestyle market, catering to the growing "sheconomy" and empowering women through innovative and successful ventures.

  • Strategy-first

    We deep-dive into opportunities to develop a strategy focused on measurable outcomes that will grow the company now, and into the future.​

  • Future-proof

    We build tasteful, timeless growth flywheels that drive revenue. 

  • Channel-agnostic

    We're data-driven: Working to identify the growth channels that will supercharge business, then developing tasteful marketing to fit our portfolio's brand.

  • Tasteful & Methodical

    We don’t even consider spammy growth hacks that would harm our reputation. We’re focused on driving successful, long-term outcomes for wonderful companies.

  • Iterative & data-driven

    The tactics that take a startup to product-market-fit aren't often the same that scale them up. Constant testing and learning helps us anticipate your changing needs.

  • Agile & Impactful

    We're agile, operating in two-week sprints. This helps ensure growth moves in lockstep with product development and business operations.

Our Companies